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3 Case Studies of Successful Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaigns Web Shop Manager

Email Marketing Case Study

Are you a CleverReach customer and would like to share your success story? The Obama campaign famously used a casual, conversational in tone in the email subject lines. The most famous subject line was simply “Hey.” Another – “I will be outspent” – raised $2.6 million on its own. They used email to source early feedback, used social proof to create buzz and built a personalized newsletter to keep users informed about their donations. This includes if the number is currently on any Do Not Call Lists.

  • Receive the latest case studies and data on email, lead gen, and social media along with MarketingSherpa updates and promotions.
  • I know this because my email autoresponder system AWeber can tell me open rates if I send HTML messages.
  • Don’t rely on just one and expect to see significant open rates.
  • One of the most effective ways to segment a list is through user behavior.
  • In this blog post , you’ll learn how one member got instant positive results by emailing her list more regularly, setting up automated email campaigns, and including links in a specific part of each message.

Display instant credibility – Tutorials, how-tos, and well-written content marketing can show that you are an authority on the subject. Maniology already had a browse abandonment flow in place, but we decided to start fresh, creating an entirely new browse abandonment series for them.

David Huffman boosted open rates by 15 – 20% with content-packed emails

Track sales and campaign performance in easy-to-digest reports. Sync your store data and connect other tools to unlock more automation features. Get beautiful, on-brand designs made for you with the power of AI. Add online scheduling to your website so people book appointments with you.

Email Marketing Case Study

Copy in the banners said the offer specifically included products for those brand buyers. The team split tested the template with brand-specific banners against a template that had no banner but was otherwise identical to them. Both the messages with and without banners were sent to tens of thousands of recipients, making the results statistically significant. As someone consistently recognized for her talent in writing, storytelling, art, and technology, it’s not shocking that Caitlin realized her passion for marketing exceptionally early in her career. Director of Marketing, Caitlin leads, develops, and accelerates Sendlane’s strategy and brand recognition.

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Email marketing is the modern form of direct response marketing, which Email Marketing Case Study has long been revered as the most effective form of marketing.

  • A HubSpot study confirmed that plain text email has a 25% higher open rate than HTML.
  • Often the email subject will be the cause of the non-response, or bad timing or technical problems, such as my email being put into the spam folder.
  • FOMO makes your visitors eager to buy or take the action you want them to.
  • It’s not worth the effort to write and send an email to a list that small.” In fact, many businesses make that decision every single day.
  • Marketers can use these PDFs as downloads in web content or email campaigns.
  • The third video I send only to those people who didn’t open the first email.

Like other businesses, you must convince leads that the product you provide (i.e. the service you offer) will get them the results they want. But unlike other businesses, you also have to get those leads to buy into the idea of working with YOU and/or the people at your… For a coffee subscription business, retaining customers is key to Grind’s success and the team’s growth so far. Paper Tiger Document Solutions is a Chicago-area document shredding and storage company serving businesses and consumers. Paper Tiger launched a drop-in Saturday shredding service several years ago. Initially, despite the launch being based on demand, this proved unsuccessful and so they looked to promote further and gain some traction.

$40,000 In Sales Without Annoying Subscribers – Yaro Starak Email Marketing Case Study

We’ve come to the last hack used for crafting the best email marketing campaigns. Getting the formatting right can make or break the success of your email campaign. A HubSpot study confirmed that plain text email has a 25% higher open rate than HTML. Also, more than 60% of email clients block images by default. So while using visuals in your email is recommended, you should avoid hiding essential information in your images.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the features we offer or check out strategies for growth. David Abrahamovitch founded Grind, an established cafe, in 2011. Eventually, he evolved Grind into the cafe-bar based in Shoreditch, London that it is today. Fast forward nearly a decade later and Grind now has a total of 11 London-based espresso bars, cocktail bars, and restaurants with their own roastery in Elephant & Castle, London.

Day 47, Email 21: Start of month promotional email

Note that the code itself clearly communicates the product category it can be applied to. Use special occasions, holidays, and real-world events to create relevant offers that appeal to your potential and current customers at that moment in time. Birchbox is considered the original monthly cosmetic subscription box.

This case study reveals how complex it is to use email to grow a business. They know you’re in business to make money , but money is just the by-product of the help you give to a specific group of people over a period of time. As marketers, we may see email as a way of connecting with customers in order to sell them stuff. It’s where communication is built with other people they feel passionate about. 15 types of content that drive traffic, sales and revenue for business owners. 21% of customers who didn’t make purchases cited the time the checkout process takes as their primary reason for abandoning the cart.

Email Marketing Case Study

He set out on a six-week test of email marketing to see what would happen. Within this period, David and his team ran an A/B split test of a headline. Digital Marketer is one of the leading marketing blogs out there.

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That’s how much one of our clients, a chiropractor in San Francisco, generated from a list of merely 45 prospective patients. Hey Lee, your post was full of great information on email marketing. I’m still learning it and what I haven’t done at all is the Segmenting my email marketing. I have only read a bit of it, and it sounds like she is making good progress. I know how it is being with someone in hospital day and night, just try to get some “you” time . There was a reopening of the program the following week for a day and a half, which I could have emailed for again, but I decided against it.

Our friends at Autobarn Volkswagen were experiencing open rates between 6%-7% at two of their locations, which is about half of the industry average of 13%². To breathe new life into their email efforts, we segmented their list in to two groups — active and inactive . If you are a traditional or legal email marketer then you can use any of these three. Or if you are a starter and don’t know much about email marketing.

Online holiday shopping in 2020 totaled over $188 billion – a 32% increase from 2019. We’ve received your demo request and will reach out shortly with more information.

Text message can be read whether or not the mobile phone has an active internet connection – totally different than when email is involved. The same email was sent – but the subject line was changed to better suit this new segment by including a phone number, making it easier for people to call even if they didn’t open the email.

  • If yours is looking to grow its revenue from online sales, it might be a good time to think about making the switch to Sendlane.
  • If you’re a small startup, you’ll be able to relate to this story.
  • Case study at Content Marketing Institute is a little dated because there are better email marketing tools these days, the concept hasn’t changed.
  • As you discovered, the email marketing case study examples above demonstrated many different ways to implement an effective email campaign.
  • Just by using a preheader, open rates increase by 30%, while the optimized version can boost open rates by 45%.

Communications specialist by day and community volunteer at night, she believes in compassion and defending the defenseless. Nimble offers a CRM tool that provides an interaction history, notes, deal status updates, and access to social handles. These features help you better target your message to your customers. And unlike a lot of other brands that approach us, Maniology already had their email program up and running, as well as a devoted audience. So, right away we were faced with the challenge of improving an existing email program versus building one from scratch. We’re not just email marketing specialists, we’re also specialists at dazzling design.

In other words, email marketing is, pound for pound, still your best source for quality leads. Blend continues our partnership with Hunter & Gather as we take care of their monthly management for Klaviyo, along with strategizing and optimising and creating their email campaigns. Hunter & Gather came to Blend Commerce to improve the performance of their email marketing and increase the percentage of their owned and returning revenue.

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Only 5% of their total sales were generated online at that stage, likely because their website wasn’t optimized for eCommerce and their marketing efforts were being directed elsewhere. When it comes to digital marketing for your dealership, there’s no shortage of amazing tools and technology that you can employ to drive traffic, leads and sales. To segment blog posts would be very difficult without using email. Of course blogs are great for affiliate https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ marketing too, but in my experience, adding the email component magnifies the results significantly and allows you to control messages so you don’t damage relationships. This article will give you another example as to why email is awesome, and why you really must have an email list if you are a blogger. If you know how to effectively implement email automations, they can be an exceptionally powerful component of your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Case Study

Email marketing, you’ll find that your efforts and financial investment will pay off big time. If you want my team to just do your marketing for you, click here. Each year, Zumba Fitness hosts an Instructor Convention, which instructors at its 200,000 locations are encouraged to attend. In 2014, Zumba decided to kick off their Instructor Convention sign up with an email that included a compilation video of past Conventions. What made this email video special was the call-to-action at the very end, when an invitation with the recipient’s name appears. Not only is Zumba taking the nation by storm, but Zumba Fitness, the company behind the sensation, knows how to do email marketing like a 21st century contender.

There are also direct links to customer support, their About Us page, and FAQs in case we need them. For a limited time, start selling online and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on select plans—offer ends 08/25. Internet services are improving all the time, and as a result, people are consuming more and more video content.

All you have to do is input your own text and change the fonts and colors to fit your brand. “For example, the Sony customer was directed to a page that had Sony items positioned at the top, while Nikon customers were brought to a page with Nikon items at the top, and so on.

Our platform’s role was predominantly to do housekeeping on the existing email list (which at that point had been cut down to 200,000 people after a re-engagement campaign). From the new segments, the Skybound Entertainment team was able to better study their audience, adapt their thinking, and come up with new ideas to keep their target market interested and engaged. As they are a small team, cutting down on email design time was essential for them, allowing them to dedicate resources to other areas of the business.

Known as Sendlane’s “Brand Warrior”, Caitlin is credited for the bold, disruptive, and innovative branding behind the pink envelope. Joining Sendlane as the 6th employee and the 1st marketing hire, Caitlin has since worked diligently alongside the CEO to nurture the department into the high-performing and creative powerhouse it is today. The following eCommerce email marketing case studies showcase three instances where a good email marketing strategy yielded positive returns.

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