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Help Desk Technician Job Description & How To Become One

To be a successful help desk technician, you should be well-versed in all aspects of computer systems configuration, set up, and maintenance. You should also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Get the skills and certification you need from MTI College to begin your in-demand career in information technology. If you’re interested in training to help you level up in the field we can share with you information about our programs. Click here to learn more about our Full Stack Network Engineer program.

  • So those who successfully complete this program have a direct route to get their info into the hands of these employers.
  • Basically, everyone in IT goes through the helpdesk or a similar entry-level position.
  • Also, with these challenges come great rewards—working with IT support means that when something goes wrong for an employee at work , your solution will make them happier than when they started out.
  • Training can be completed in as little as a few months and it involves gaining a thorough understanding of computer hardware and software.
  • When they eventually reach you, it’s understandable that they’ll be irritated.

While a formal education may help you get the job, a college degree is not necessary to become a help desk technician. IT certifications will prove that you have the skills to handle the job. CompTIA A+is a widely recognized certification held by help desk technicians. Welcome to ITCareerFinder, a world-class web portal designed to help IT pros advance their careers.

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In fact, many employees say the biggest challenges of working remote is setting up or troubleshooting software issues without an on-site IT support professional. According to help desk engineer Indeed, the wage of an analyst is ​$18.00​ per hour, on average, while Indeed’s summary of the “technical support” position identifies an average wage of ​$16.36​ per hour.

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Learn how to best approach incident management, problem management, and change management, as well as how to assess and improve your current program. This IT Certificate program also aligns with the objectives covered by the newly updated CompTIA A+ certification. Move up in IT Career with one of these top +free IT, Technical Support, Help Desk & Customer Service courses, certifications, trainings and classes available online. There are some hiring managers who are not aware of the most recent tech news, and holding such an accreditation, or having once held them can still indicate proficiency.

Help Desk Technician Job Description

The help desk technician’s job is to provide support services, either over the phone or through online tools. This often includes answering questions about company products and using remote access tools to fix computer problems for customer employees. While experiences may vary depending on a person’s background, general skills that the resume should reflect include soft skills like customer service skills, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication. It is also useful to demonstrate some type of experience working with software and hardware and this can be done by listing out various systems and programs you’re familiar with as well as certifications you’ve obtained. Help desk specialists need technical knowledge and strong customer service skills to successfully resolve issues and communicate with customers.

Also, keep in mind that analytical thinking is a transferrable talent that can help you thrive in various professions. If you haven’t honed your ability to perform well under pressure, it may be extremely distressing. Multitasking is prioritizing your obligations and remaining focused on the job at hand without becoming sidetracked. Furthermore, having confidence in both technical and non-technical abilities can improve your capacity to operate successfully under pressure. Take one or two soft skills courses every year, as well as any technical courses related to your work function, to improve your skill level and confidence. This entails asking an end-user where they are phoning from and what their job is inside the organization right away. Knowing this provides the help desk professional with an idea of how serious the end user’s situation is.


However, the company that you work for should provide training for the type of software that they use. If you have a working knowledge of various types of technology, you’ll make an excellent help desk support professional.

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